Draping Final, Done and dusted!

The last week of the semester is officially here. I can’t quite believe 15 weeks have passed so quickly and four months of being in New York has just gone in a flash. Terrifying.
I haven’t worked this hard in all my life, and anyone who knows me knows I’m a hard worker. These past two weeks have been crazy.

Draping was a challenge. I have never made and constructed a garment to a professional standard before, never mind draping it from scratch. I set myself a challenge of draping lapels and a collar but it all paid off!
The atmosphere of final hand in makes the weeks of madness completely worth it.
My final outcome is attached to this blog post. It was inspired by Christian Dior A/W 14 collection. I have fully faced the neck, lapels and armholes. I have french seamed the inside for a clean finish and turned up the hem twice to insure they would be no fraying.
I added a pop of colour for the under collar fabric creating a contrast. The fabric is a poly crepe (It was extremely difficult to work with!)


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