Finals Have begun…

Finals. An end is coming, sounds so serious doesn’t it?! I honestly cannot believe how fast my time here has gone, it is truly terrifying!! I don’t want it to end.
People are starting to panic, stay up all night, fight for the industrial sewing machines; MADNESS has begun with early nights being 2am finishes. This is what the whole semester has been working toward.
I have to say Parsons is like UAL on drugs. It needs to calm down! Everyone is so up in the air they forget to enjoy what they’re doing. Although I am not one to talk; as I usually stress an insane amount when it comes to nearing hand in, however it’s different here somehow. I am more aware of my surroundings, where I am and why I’m here due to it being a new place and knowing it will shortly come to an end. I hope I continue doing this when I’m back in London; it really does make you happier and more inspired.

With seven classes all with each individual projects to finish in 3 weeks THE PRESSURE IS ON. I have designed my draping final (sketches are attached). It’s interesting to think about the construction instead of how I will make the fabric/object. When back at Chelsea I’m going to combine these newly learnt skills with my textiles knowledge.

The first sketch was of a tailored waistcoat dress I saw in Christian Dior and fell in love with. I sat on the beautiful plush candy pink velvore chairs and drew – Blissful!
The second sketch is my re design of the waistcoat. I want to exaggerate the lapels and collar and bring in the shoulders – exaggerating proportions – making it more modern. The second sketch is the original back of the waistcoat and the third is my redesign of the back. I am not yet sure whether to keep the front straight cut and have the detail in the back. This is something I will decide as I begin draping with muslin. I will be updating my blog with photographs of my finals as I am constructing them. Wish me luck!Design Ideas. Fabric Swatching


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