Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls – somewhere the majority have heard of yet not many people I know have been due to it being in a bizarre location – just over the border between America and Canada.
Coming to New York my family said ‘YOU HAVE TO GO TO NIAGARA FALLS!’ as though venturing to New York wasn’t at all enough!
Of course I just had to take their advice! Thinking of when I could go made me realise that time really does fly when you’re having fun! Five months sounds like a long time however in reality it isn’t.
October came and me and Tessa, my fellow room mate/wife, went to the travel agents to figure out how we were going to master getting to Niagara.
The greyhound bus was my first thought, I have travelled in them all the way up the east coast of Australia so I thought WHY THE HELL NOT?!…. I soon came to realise that 13 hours there and 13 hours back on a bus for 2 nights in Niagara was exactly why not to get the greyhound. However to my absolute joy within an hour of persuading our parents this was the way to do it the plane was booked!!! Having had an OBSCENE amount of work recently/everyday since deciding to do fashion, this was exactly what we needed.
‘Falls view hotel in Ontario Canada’ …. PERFECT!

After a traumatic subway ride of not knowing if we were travelling in the correct direction and asking over a dozen people for reassurance we made it to the airport!
We flew on what I believe must have been the smallest plane ever built and we were wedged right and the very back in the only seats without a window view – but we didn’t care we were going to NIAGARA FALLS!!!

We stayed at ‘Marriott Falls View Hotel’  and what a view it was!
We were pretty much the only people that weren’t a couple celebrating their anniversary/honeymoon. The falls were more than amazing – the photos do not do them justice.
On the first evening we went on a fireworks night cruise on the falls. I prepared and brought my glasses in order to experience the falls in perfect sight. Much to my dismay after around 30 seconds of just looking at the falls from the boat my glasses steamed and had 1000 water droplets on them resulting in not being able to see anything. The amount of water and mist created from the falls hitting the water below is unbelievable! I resembled a drowned dead rat when trundling off the boat – but it was so worth it!

Less than 12 hours later we had another falls cruise but this time we were right in the Canadian horse shoe falls. Taking pictures was genuinely living on the edge; you had to time exactly when you were going to get plummeted with buckets of water from the falls. Luckily I put my camera away just before this happened. It was quite amusing watching people all dressed in red plastic ponchos with pointy hoods screaming and desperately attempting to protect their cameras.
I discovered that it was much better just experiencing the falls with your own eyes rather than through a camera lens! Many people forget to live in the moment. I enjoyed every minute of it even if I did get drenched. I highly recommend seeing the falls. Oh and stay on the Canadian side it’s much more well kept than the American side and the horse shoe falls are far more spectacular. After a fabulous weekend its now back to work!


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