Mary Boone Gallery – Jacob Hashimoto…Sky Farm Fortress

I am in complete and utter awe of Jacob Hashimoto’s installation on 24th street New York.
Viewing a picture of his work doesn’t do it justice of how labor intensive this installation is. Each square, circle and rectangle was hand cut and pasted. Each string hanging the individual hand made kites has been hand secured into the space.
It took a total of four weeks with many helpers to install this installation, I don’t even want to think of how long it took to make every individual piece that is in the space.

The space allocated for this installation was beautiful and perfect for the installation. I loved it’s regimented layout contrasted with the brilliant bright colours and interesting shapes and patterns.
It was a almost a private space, with just the Sky Farm Fortress being shown in the space. This made the installation all the more impressive. The height of the ceilings was a must and really did make it look like a suspended world.
Even the shadows made from the pieces on the walls added to the installation and it was interesting how they would change depending on the time of day.

I ask why is it called “Skyfarm Fortress”?
I was initially drawn to this piece due to the colour and shape. As a textile designer this is the sort of thing that feeds my inspiration.
I found a quote from Jacob Hashimoto himself on ‘’ giving me the answer I was looking for…

“Skyfarm is the name of the street in upstate New York where I have a house and ride my bike. Regarding the fortress, I was looking at brutalist architecture and there was this post-war building that was named “one of the ugliest buildings in the world”. With that, I bring some of the Italian, post-war, brutalist foundation, which is like a fortress. Installing these pieces up high allows for the idea of the sky and clouds juxtaposed against the architectural nature of the installation and that is how I came up with the show’s name.” Quoted by Jacob Hashimoto, Huffington Post 9/20/2014.

Not exactly what I had imagined would be the reason for the naming of the installation, however it interests me how one installation can have so many different ways of interpretation.
I will definitely be following this artist, what an amazing piece of artwork!


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