WGSN, anyone in the fashion/design industry will have heard of this website.
My first year in Textile Design was more focused towards experimentation of technique and branching out into different ideas and concepts and I didn’t learn much in terms of the industry and the commercial side of textile and print design. I chose to take the Digital Surface Design class at Parsons as I wanted to strengthen my digital skills and I also wanted to find out more of how it is used in the fashion industry, creating colour way prints etc.
I have researched the WGSN theme of Satorial and looked into merging different sceneries. I took photographs of reflections in shop windows and made it difficult to tell what was on the inside and what was being reflected. This created both abstract and detailed prints.
I created six digital prints from my own photographs, drawings and collages. I have taken the specific colour palette of the theme Satorial and used this in my prints.
A number of my prints are from using methods of layering, creating repeat patterns and focusing on one specific detail.


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