Constructing and designing my very own shoes

Parsons School of Design is know for its initiative courses, however I never thought I would have the chance of constructing my own pair of shoes!
My teacher is a wonderful crazy lady who works in the metric system just to confuse things for the pupils, of course this suits me perfectly!
Crazy is fun, who would want a sane design teacher?!

Shoe construction, easy peasy I thought, there are machines for this, it’ll all be about the designing!
Oh how wrong I was.
This is HARD.
So hard in fact that I have to go to two classes a week just to make sure I have done it correctly (you may have caught on by now I am a workaholic).
We were to make a set of designs (I made 10), as I was so indecisive I went for a mule, hoping this would be quicker to make and therefore I would have the chance to make more than one pair of shoes.
Then I had to go a buy all the equipment, little did I know it was going to make me pretty much bankrupt. I had to venture all the way to Brooklyn to a specific store to buy lasts (this is what determines the size and style of shoe) after going to the wrong place and nearly crying in anger I finally found the store and it was CLOSED. After a good 10 minutes of practically begging the store owner to let me in I found the lasts I wanted weren’t in my size, in fact NONE were in my size. I ended up leaving the store with lasts one size too big and having a heeled last meaning I had to recreate my entire design. This left me deflated and horrendously angry (sorry to anyone who saw me after this incident).

After the complete distress of buying tools it was time to go fabric shopping.
OMG I have fallen in love with the entire garment district. London need to seriously up their game! Elegant fabrics, Mood Fabrics, BandJ Fabrics, Global Leathers…my list could go on. I loved them all! After what was supposed to be a trip shopping for fabric for my shoes I ended up leaving each store with at least a yard of fabric I had no clue what I was going to use for.
My new obsession is mate metallic and pony skin. I left global leathers with two AMAZING fabrics (I will shortly be adding a picture to this post). I will be using the navy pony skin for the outer of the shoe and the metallic leather will be the tongue of the shoe.
I am extremely excited for the outcome!
Wish me luck!


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