New York fashion week has begun and is in full swing.
The city is usually buzzing but its on overload since the beginning of fashion week.
I am craving to wear beautiful boots and amazing jackets but it is so hot in NYC at the moment wearing anything at all is uncomfortable. The fashionistas are going to struggle this week! But I’m sure many will surprise me!
Going to a fashion University definitely has it’s perks when it comes to fashion week. Everyone is in the know of every thing that’s going on during the week, who’s showing who’s walking where the after parties are etc.
Many of my class mates are working at New York fashion week, which I am incredibly envious of! (I am unable to work in the US as I am J-1 VISA student.) Although, I am currently trying to muster up a master plan of sneaking in to at least one of the shows!
With the online live runway shows pretty much everyone anywhere in the world can have a front row seat and be in the know instantly about each collection. Social media has definitely made even people who aren’t interested in fashion unable to avoid it;
my entire Instagram feed is currently filled with photos of fashion week! I will definitely be out and about with my camera capturing the amazing NY street style this week.

On Thursday H&M had the unveiling of the new studio collection. I had the chance to attend the unveiling of Kate Mara and Johnny Wujek’s curated window displays showcasing their styling and creative vision for the fall H&M studio collection. Not only were Kate Mara, a very talented actress (best known for part in House of Cards), and Johnny Wujek, a celebrity stylist, there, the head of design at H&M, Ann-Sofie Johanssan was also there!

Queuing up on a red carpet just to get into H&M was pretty bizarre but I wasn’t complaining! They arrived ‘fashionably’ late and then began talking about the lead up to the collection and how they had chosen what would be worn with what on the runway showing.
Having only ever seen Kate Mara acting in House of Cards I was intrigued to see how she would act out of character. She sat shyly leaning in toward Johnny and giggling after every word, the two are clearly very close! She is TINY in life, however she looked amazing in one of H&M’s new tuxedo dresses and cute embellished brogues.
Kate didn’t spill much gossip about House of Cards. It was interesting to hear that she wasn’t at all interested in fashion when she was younger and she has somehow ‘stumbled’ into it (life just isn’t fair!).

Johnny Wujek looked impeccable in a soft grey fitted suit and an open collar shirt, sophisticated but comfortable and casual. The odd socks were a winner for me! How does someone make odd socks look so perfectly thought out and purposeful?!
Sofia seemed a quite character with an intriguing accent, you could tell from what she spoke about that fashion had been her main priority for many years.

On to the collection it’s self! Before actually seeing the clothes the audience was teased by seeing a video of the models strut their sexy selves down the runway. Definitely false hope for the rest of the world.
The jackets from the collection were my favourite. I have already picked out at least two I shall be purchasing before fall is upon us. I won’t give too much away other than Solange Knowles was wearing a suit from H&M studio collection to the VMAS, good enough for a celeb, good enough for us!


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