My First Week at Parsons

Starting Uni again.
My summer has been cut dramatically short, I started back on 25th August and in London I wouldn’t be going back until late September.
The truth is, I really don’t care about starting back early! I am so excited to get stuck into projects again! You could definitely say starting at a new uni in New York helps!

Monday Morning 9am, Pattern-making. This is called a ‘core’ subject meaning it’s mandatory that I take it.
I study textile design and so the thought of being a fashion major in a new uni was pretty daunting! My work has a strong focus toward fashion so understanding the principles of construction is really important when being a textile designer in the fashion industry – I was ready to begin learning!
Finding the room I was supposed to be in was a challenge in its self! I walked in 2 minutes early and everyone was already sat down. I looked around trying to find a stool the same size as theres and ultimately failed. I was stuck with a sewing machine chair which meant My eyes were only just able to peer over the table – I looked like a lost child sat at the wrong table. Making a joke about ‘looking like a midget’ didn’t really go down too well either.
We had to do the whole ‘introduce yourself, where you come from, what you major in’ etc. The Americans seem to LOVE that. Not what I’m used to in England where the tutors don’t really care to remember your name.

Two hours and forty minutes later and I was exhausted with the amount of info I’d just had to take in. My teacher definitely likes to chat. He also exclaimed he didn’t want to watch us cut out our first pattern as that was ‘Totally boring’ and he wanted to get on with teaching the fun stuff. So I have my first assigned homework. The very beginning of a barrel of work to come – wish me luck!

Throughout the rest of the week I went through intros to all the other classes I have chosen to take:
Construction Sewing
Shoe Construction
Textile Design Exploration
Digital Surface Design
Hand Knitting for Fashion

Of course I received homework for all of these classes too! They really do like to push you to your limit at Parsons. My construction sewing teacher said ‘Your summer is over now. This is going to be what you put all your efforts in until Christmas, forget about your social life, if you want to do well you won’t have one.’
Hmmmm brilliant! No, I make her sound negative but she was actually an extremely inspiring person. She told us about all her experience in the fashion industry and really did make you feel like you were taking the best course in the world!
I can’t explain how lucky I feel to here. Not only are the people around me paying $30 000 for half a year of Uni and I’m just continuing to pay £4500 I pay at home, after just one week of Parsons I wish I had chosen to do my full degree here.
The teaching is incredible and I genuinely cannot wait for the weeks to come!
The facilities are out of this world! And the new building is beautiful. I have already fallen in love with Parsons and New York. I say BRING ON THE HARD WORK…and plenty of fun please.


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