Cycling madness in Central Park

On the hottest day ever, well it certainly seemed it, I decided it would be a great idea to go cycling around Central Park. Bare in mind I haven’t cycled since I was around 11, and when people say the phrase ‘It’s like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it’, well I beg to differ!
It was a wobbly start and the guy renting the bike to me had made my seat far too low down! He clearly thought I was the height of a small weasel/runt. I was unsuccessful in attempting to heighten the seat so I was stuck with bending my legs at a ridiculous angle whilst cycling.
Tessa, who was of course in front of me, speeded off, leaving me looking like an absolute delinquent around a mile behind.
Central Park is HUGE. We didn’t even manage to find the centre.
AND I had a whole list of things to see, the bit on Stuart Little where he did the boat race (I know so cultural and iconic!), the fountain the cast of friends danced around in the intro to the first season, and the garden on Alice in Wonderland.
We severely underestimated the size of the park and having only rented the bikes for an hour meant all I managed to see were the out skirts of Central Park. Oh and plenty of signs warning me I was cycling head on into the traffic – always reassuring.
Thank god I am here until December – I will definitely make sure I find the time to visit all the cultural land marks on my list.

After the treacherous bike ride (physical exercise of any kind really isn’t my speciality), we sat and watched a classic American baseball game and had the cutest of picnics. We then strolled around and at 8pm came back to Central Park and watched an outdoor movie! I sadly don’t have any pictures acceptable enough to put up. But I will tell you that I tried to capture the moment – much to the people around me’s dismay. They didn’t really care for the blinding flash coming from my camera during the film- only trying to remember the moment guys!
It was pretty cool! Even if I couldn’t really see due to forgetting my glasses.


One thought on “Cycling madness in Central Park

  1. Humorous and really well written post that gives an excellent insight into what life in New York is like for someone who hasn’t visited before! Really enjoy reading your posts stranger! Keep up the good work!


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