The forever enticing Bookshop

I am a definite sucker for buying things I don’t actually need.
Especially when in a new place. My constant excuse is ‘Well I am in New York, it’s something different, yes I 100% need it.’
I recently purchased three books that have no relevance to me whatsoever, I was not thinking about buying them, they simply caught my eye, seduced me and that was that.
Strand book store, located about 2 minutes from my accommodation, has such charm that it makes you want to buy books on pretty much anything, even Star-warz was intriguing – bare in mind I have never in my life taken an interest in Star-warz.
Two more books caught my interest: ‘The lady’s Guide to Perfect Gentility (1856)’, and ‘Apple Internet Connection Kit Getting Started (1995)’. I ended up purchasing both after reading about half a page of each and convincing myself these were books I needed.

A quote from ‘The lady’s Guide to Perfect Gentility’, “Be careful how you indulge in sarcasm. If you are constitutionally inclined to this, you will find that there is no point in your character which needs to be more faithfully guarded.”
My reason for wanting to read more of this was due to how fascinating it was to hear how girls my age were ‘supposed’ to act in the 1800s. I believe a little sarcasm never hurt anyone! Not sure how well I would have done in the 1800s!

What I love most about Strand book store is the fact half the shop is outside with rows and rows of books to choose from. I haven’t yet walked past the store without seeing at least a dozen people sifting through the $1 books on offer (YES ONE GENUINE DOLLAR!).
Having the books outside is also trusting that the people on the streets won’t just pick up a few and walk off with them, you have to actually go inside to pay.
I see this book shop as doing the customer a favour; it makes you stop and pick things up you would never normally seek out. Their trust in you to not take the books also makes you respect the store more.
I predict that I will be returning most weeks!


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