Food for thought.

American Food.
America is home to 236 333 fast food restaurants. No wonder America has the worst reputation for eating badly.
Since coming to America many of my friends have joked that I will come home ‘fat’, morbidly obese etc.
Not exactly funny topics in the long run. However I beg to differ as Galaxy chocolate is nowhere to be seen! (anyone willing to send me minstrels feel free! )
Due to America having a reputation of all things HUGE from the cities, the stores, the portion sizes, the buildings even the people, I wanted to try this ridiculous food out for size.

Uptown NYC, seemingly where all things beautiful are, walking out of the subway and I was stood directly opposite  Bloomingdales (to my delight visitors get a 10% discount on any purchase – this almost forces you to purchase something).
Also home to Johnny Rockets diner. I walked in the door, dubious having seen the outside looking rather worse for wear.
Although it was cheesy I have to admit I rather enjoyed it. You could pay 5c and choose a song on the duke box. It was almost too American?!

I ordered the ‘Smoke House single burger’, half onion rings and half fries. On the menu they had chosen to put the CALORIES next to each meal?! Almost as though they are justifying the hideous amount of grease and fat by telling you exactly how much you’re eating. Such nice people.
They even had the calorie amount next to the milkshakes which, wait for it, had 920 CALORIES in a drink, a single DRINK!
My burger was brought to me by an overly friendly waiter dressed in a bow tie and hat mimicking ‘fine dining’. My burger looked God damn delicious!
This is what enticed me into choosing the smoke house, the menu read:
“An exceptional blend of flavours, this is a one of a kind hamburger. Smoked bacon, crispy sourdough onion rings, cheddar cheese and our special recipe ‘Smoke House’ BBQ ranch sauce.”
No salad to be seen. Just the way a hamburger in America should be!
1740 calories later and I was full to brim but highly satisfied! Johnny Rockets I shan’t be a regular but I will 100% be back, maybe it’ll be the Double Smoke House burger next time!



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