Arriving in the BIG APPLE!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…this was my inner most thoughts when flying over the atlantic to new york. Sandwiched between two irritable screaming children only made me want to begin my voyage quicker!
After devouring what they exclaimed was chicken it was only 2 hours until touch down WOOOOOO.
I was in a complete ‘daze’ passing flowers you could buy in a vender, a genuine VENDER? You also had the option to buy Benefit makeup in a vender – if you so pleased to avoid all human communication.

I battled with my cases after a few people had asked if I needed help, but of course being a true modest english girl I rejected all help offered. After walking all of a metre, it was regretted.

Carmel Taxis picked me up. I stood on the pavement, or the ‘side walk’, staring at what was my taxi for a good 10 minutes.  The non english speaking taxi driver had to eventually abandon his car and walk up to me ushering me in – first embarrassing moment since arriving in New York. Glasses are a must for me it seems!
Finally I was on my way to Manhattan! Excited would be an understatement. Adrenalin seemed to have defeated all forms of jet lag.
We were in the centre and I soon noticed we were driving around in circles -definitely not ideal. The taxi driver refused he was lost and so we arrived at my student accommodation an hour behind schedule. Not to worry, I made it!

I was greeted by a smiley american girl who instantly made me feel at ease.
Is it just me but when surrounded by americans the english accent almost sounds weird?!
I was shown to my dorm (I am going to have to get used to these american terms!)
‘HMMMMMM this is definitely far from luxury’ – my thoughts when entering my new abode. My London halls clearly treated me well.
However when explaining the condition of my accommodation to my friend she quite rightly said, (excuse the french)….”ah who cares you’re in NEW YORK! You could be living in a gibbons arse hole and it would be exciting!!!”
Such a beautiful way of putting it. But I have decided she is absolutely right.

Now for that much needed sleep – jet lag you are a bitch!


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